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Core Values

Indiana State is committed to these core values:

Learning:  We prepare the next generation of leaders and citizens by providing personalized and transformative experiences that lead to success in the classroom and beyond.

Discovery: We nurture intellectual curiosity and growth through the creation of new knowledge and the joy of enhanced human understanding.

Engagement: We collaborate with our local and global communities to create long-term relationships, connectedness with integrity, and a shared sense of pride.

Inclusiveness:  We take action to honor the diversity of individuals, ideas and expressions, ensuring they are genuinely recognized, 有价值的, and lived.

Indiana State University Vision Statement

We will be the university of choice for students seeking a distinctive, high-quality education highlighted by challenging experiences that prepare our graduates to contribute to the economic vitality and civic and cultural development of their communities and the global society.

Indiana State University 任务 Statement

We transform the lives of students through a high-quality education infused with experiential learning, community engagement and career-readiness. Our students succeed within a culture of inclusion and support that provides the skills and knowledge to impact Indiana and beyond.

Approved by the Indiana State University Board of Trustees, May 8, 2020